Corporate Law

We are able to advice you throughout the whole lifecycle of a business. We help with equity issuing, capital raises, legal matters pertaining to the stock exchange, restructuring, shareholder meetings and drafting partner agreements and provide additional help with regards to corporate governance and compliance matters. In corporate law there are also matters relating to the responsibility of the firm and its decisions that affect its constituent stakeholders. We help all types of legal entities: limited liabilities, general partnerships, cooperatives, limited partnerships, joint ventures and trusts. We represent non-profit trusts, family trusts and other trusts, with advice pertaining to the trust entity and other issues that arise from it. Our expertise also extends to the creation and administration of trusts and we also work with actively administrated trusts. Walthon Advokater have a dedicated chancery that is able to deal with all the necessary administration for a trust, from requests and applications to the handling of scholarships and external payments.
For inquiries, please contact: Niklas Haak, Jonas Jonsson, Peter Roslin-Slawinski, Mats Willman, Jonna Ekström, Sten Sjöstedt, Oscar Norrfalk, Maria Norrman, Clarissa Fröberg, Jürgen Conzen, Michelle Hessius and Louise Berlin.

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