Committed and sustainable

Sustainable business is long-term business,
and that requires highly skilled legal advisors.

Our focus is on committed and sustainable counselling. By sustainable counselling we mean something that can be subjected to strain and be of significant value in the long term.

In our work, we strive for the long-term perspective. We think in the longer term with regards to both relations and business.

Sustainable business includes building for the future – something that requires skilled legal advisors. By engaging us you will get expert advisors who aim to strengthen and protect your business – both now and tomorrow. We will help you make decisions that are useful in the longer perspective.

Our clients shall quickly receive pragmatic and clear advice, enabling actionable decisions. Our ability to deliver this is what distinguishes us from our industry peers. We are meticulous in always providing solutions of the highest quality for a fair price, and with a commitment beyond the ordinary.

Our sustainable approach also includes a responsibility to our surroundings. We are united by respect and tolerance with regards to both our colleagues, as well as to our clients and the world around us.

The result of our focus on sustainability, long-term relationships and professionalism, is that we often act as trusted advisors for our clients. This implies a commitment which exceeds the traditional set-up with a more narrow focus on particular missions.

Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and owner-led companies, with the owners and directors being our points of contact. We always work closely with our client’s businesses with the goal of giving advice optimized for each particular situation.

”Legal advice should not only be correct, clear and swiftly delivered. It should also be based on a general understanding of the business that you operate in. Our advice is predicated on this.”
Madeleine Sifvert, Partner / Advokat

Many possess knowledge about the legal craftsmanship, what distinguishes us from our peers is our ability to also be business-minded in our advice and always consider what is best for our clients in the long run. Instead of consuming resources, we create added value for our clients.

Our client focus could for example mean that we engage specialists from our network when this is deemed useful for our client, or that we advise against lawsuits that risk being negative from a business standpoint even if the probability of success is high. The business value for clients is our main focal point.

”We have experts assigned to the case from beginning to end”
Madeleine Ericson, Senior Associate / Advokat

Each and every one of us have a real personal commitment towards our clients. Generally, many of us are involved in your case, but the partner that you had contact with initially is often engaged from beginning to end.

Your team also has access to the firm’s other experts at all times. We work in a way that ensures quality throughout, and attempt to find new, creative, sustainable and effective solutions.

The sustainable approach also brings about a responsibility to our surroundings. We are united by respect and tolerance toward our clients as well as to our colleagues and to the world around us.

International cooperation

Walthon Advokater is a member of the business network IGAL – a leading private intercontinental network for lawyers and accountants, which currently boasts more than one hundred member firms worldwide.

IGAL was formed in October 2004 through the merger of two premier business referral networks, both of which have provided exceptional services to their clients for more than 40 years. IGALs purpose is to generate business opportunities for its members and their clients, while continuing to provide international legal, auditing and accountancy services of the highest standard to such clients. Additionally, IGAL aims to provide a global forum for the professional exchange of ideas, firm management, and social interaction.

Walthon Advokater is a dedicated member of IGAL. Walthon partner Sten Sjöstedt has been a member of the IGAL board for many years. Also, Walthon Advokater is the only Swedish law firm in the network.

For further information, please contact partner Sten Sjöstedt or

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